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Why choose Allegrini? Efficient products, Italian quality, respect for the environment and, above all, a thorough service of technical and sales assistance.
To trust us means to adopt and share our Allegrini method which places focus on the client, for whom we are an all-inclusive partner and not simply a supplier of products.

The service of technical assistance begins with the analysis and evaluation of the requirements expressed in the contact phase, and the study of those not yet known.
Our technicians, thanks to their professionalism and experience, will help you to find the best solution and the most suitable product, chosen from a complete and effective range.

Once the product has been delivered, we will be by your side to train your personnel, thus helping you to optimise time and working methods, in order to obtain the best results at the right price.
The quality of our technical assistance is the result of the union of over seventy years of experience, a constant training programme and a personal approach to the client. For all your needs, you will have a trustworthy and prepared contact at your disposal, ever-ready to intervene in the case of problems, and provide you with the best advice for all technical requirements.

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