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The solutions for proper cleaning of milking plant

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Cleaning, sanitizing, and descaling

At the end of each milking process it is essential to implement a proper washing procedure (cleansing - hygienisation-scaling) of the milking plant in order to:

  •  Reduce the bacterial load present in the various components of the plant and avoid, therefore, that it is likely to contaminate the milk during the next milking.
  • Reduce the risk of transmission of pathogens, mastitis agents, among lactating dairy cows.
  • Maximize the "working life" of the systems and related equipment.

So that the cleaning is effective, it is fundamental to use the right chemical product at appropriate concentrations of use. In particular for the containment of ENVIRONMENTAL mastitis, Allegrini Zootecnichs proposes a series of specially formulated products for cleansing, sanitizing, and descaling manual or CIP:



In the mechanical milking, the step of milking groups from one cow may constitute a serious source of contamination and spreading of bacteria among the different animals. A solution to the problem may be the immersion of the milking group in a bucket containing water and disinfectant, which later must be rinsed with water only.

This practice is defined to as BACKFLUSHING and it advisable to do it with the detachment of all animals with FIVE SUPER, of the acid disinfectant Allegrini Zootecnichs line.

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