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Dedication to sustainable development has always been a part of Allegrini’s DNA. Since 1985, as a demonstration of our philosophy of respect for the environment, our logo has included the icon o...

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The Company

The implementation of the HACCP system has legally imposed the application of a system for food safety based on prevention on all food-related industries.   Relevant community regulations p...

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Why choose Allegrini? Efficient products, Italian quality, respect for the environment and, above all, a thorough service of technical and sales assistance. To trust us means to adopt and share our A...

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Research and development

This is the mission which we share with clients and partners. Our method aims at sustainability, innovation and dialogue for a better knowledge of the requirements of the market in which we operate. W...

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Allegrini’s professionalism, trustworthiness and respect for the environment have been validated and guaranteed by a series of certificates and recognitions obtained over the course of its histo...

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The Allegrini Academy has recently been founded within the Grassobbio headquarters. It provides for the presence of our expert trainers who, on a monthly basis, present the very latest product innovat...

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